Sunday, January 15, 2006

Where to then?

Now that the introduction is out of the way, I will focus on sharing my financial goals. This post will cover my long-term financial goal. In future posts, I will share my mid-term and short-term goals.

I have read numerous personal finance blogs and unfortunately my long-term goal is not going to be much different. I am hoping to retire early (mid 50s) so that gives me roughly 25 years to accumulate enough to support my wife and I for 30 plus years of retirement (I hope). So what kind of number am I shooting be totally honest I do not know. The calculator on Money Chimp gave me a number around the $1.75 million range which is just mind boggling. Still, I am going to try and take the necessary steps to reach that goal.

What steps you might be asking? Well for starters, I am utilizing my company's 401k and hope to branch out into other investment vehicles such as the Roth IRA in the near future.

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