Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday Bash

My daughter turns three this weekend, so we have been making plans to celebrate. Her desire is to go fishing which has left me with some planning to do, since I am not an avid outdoorsman. I am still debating the best financial route (what can I say I am an accountant): buy a low-end rod that may not get used again for some time or rent a rod and run the risk that she enjoys it so much that we will end up buying a rod anyways. I know, I am making way too big a deal about this and should just go out, have fun and enjoy the time spent together. That is what is really important anyways.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Net Worth Update

Our latest net worth update can be found at NetworthIQ. There haven't been too many significant changes since I posted our April new worth. The credit card and cash balances jumped significantly due to our taking advantage of additional 0% balance transfer offers.

Work has finally returned to normal now that we have an entirely new Human Resources Department, so hopefully I will be able to find time to most a little more regularly again.