Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Budgeting Woes

Tracking my spending has always been a task that I want to tackle but also one I constantly avoid. I have a general idea where most of our money goes and I know we rarely ever spend more than we make so maybe that is why it has never been much of a priority. However, in reading other personal finance blogs, I am beginning to realize that there is likely some "fat" in our spending that could be trimmed. I like nice starting points, so I will begin tracking our expenses on February 1st. That gives me two weeks to finalize a preliminary budget.

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Hazzard said...

I'm just like you. We have never had a budget. We just always make sure we max out our investments each month and then live on the rest. I know what we "should" be spending (I keep a spreadsheet with our monthly expenses), but I don't know what we actually "do" spend. I know that our savings is gradually going up so I know we are spending less than we make, but we could do a lot better job of reconciling. Oh well.