Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We will soon be outnumbered...

My wife and I found out last night that our family will be growing once again. Instead of being able to play man-to-man or parent-to-child in this case, we will now be forced to play zone. It is still very early but also very exciting. If this pregnancy goes like the first two, the arrival date should be right around Christmas. Just in time to reap the tax benefits of having a child.


D said...

When I was pregnant with my 3rd child an elderly lady came up to me at Jewel (grocery store) and said.. "Honey, you are so lucky!" I smiled not feeling lucky in my 8th month and she said "you are about to enter caos (i hope that's how you spell it) now you can have as many kids as you want."

She was right the 3rd child is the charm. I can have 50 kids here and it is the same as 3. But take one kid away, for say a sleep over or something and it is like having no kids.

Congratulations on your entrance to caos. Best wishes for safe and healthy arrival.

Flexo said...