Monday, March 20, 2006


For the past few weeks, my daughter has been attending pre-school two days a week as a sort of trial run. Things have gone well so we made the decision to enroll her for next year. It is a Spanish immersion school and it has been amazing to see how much she has picked up already. The development of little minds is amazing. Anyways, the personal finance aspect of this decision relates to payment of tuition for next year. The school offers three payment options: 5% discount if you pay in full at time of registration, 3% discount if you pay the full amount at registration with a credit card, and full price if you pay on a monthly schedule. Fortunately, we have the money to be able to pay cash now and get the full discount. Our emergency fund will take a short-term hit, but we should be able to build it back up over the next few months as my wife gets paid for coaching soccer.

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